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The closing of European Muay Thai Championship in Krakow

On September 28, Krakow (Poland) hosted the closing ceremony of the European Muay Thai Championship in Krakow. Especially for this event the team of the shadow theater “Fireflies” tried a new format of work, i.e., they created two video installations about the history of Krakow and the development of Muay Thai, which were shown at a mass stadium Krakow Arena.


On the same day Kyiv hosted the awarding ceremony of the winners of the actual animation and media arts LINOLEUM - 2014. In the framework of Festival, Fundation "ANTIAIDS" headed by Elena Pinchuk, organized the competition of social animation. The victory and the prize of $ 3,000 were given to the shadow theater “Fireflies” for the video “Deadly Love" about AIDS.

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