Ukraine’s Got Talent

Shadow Theatre Fireflies in TOP 15

The third season of Ukraine’s Got Talent, unusual talents, Vlad Yama about the guys in leggings

In the third season of the show "Ukraine’s Got Talent" the team of Shadow Theatre Fireflies from Chernihiv for the first time showed to all the country what a shadow play is.

The guys, despite only three-month experience in this genre, undertook an attempt to present to the spectators the creative experiment and didn't lose – the jury of the project appreciated the performance of the theatre and proclaimed to the participants three treasured “Yes!” And Vlad Yama even noted that it was one of the few cases when guys in leggings were engaged in the right business.

It was also symbolical that the season was devoted to the search of unusual, unknown to the wide audience genres. Therefore, the debut of the first Ukrainian shadow theatre was more than successful. “Fireflies” participated in the semi-finals show on the air on STB TV channel, and also entered top 15 of the best talents of the season according to the results of the vote of the audience and the jury.

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