Summer festivals 2014

On June 1, the shadow theater “Fireflies” performed at the opening ceremony of the Festival of Applied Psychology "Psychology of the third millennium" in the Krasnodar region. The guests of the festival were amazed with the play "Save the Earth!" on the environmental issues, performed by the shadow theater from Ukraine.

On July 5, “Fireflies” performed at the main stage of the festival, "Dreamland". The festival was held in Kiiv Park "Theophany". The festival is held under the permanent supervision of Oleg Skripka. The shadow theatre shared the stage with such famous bands as "Silver Wedding", "Perkalaba», «The VYO", "BB" and many others.

On August 28, beer festival «Kiiv Beer Fest» was held on the ENEA in Kiiv , “Fireflies” were the participants of the concert .It was possible to see and listen to such well-known bands like Citizen Jerusalem artichoke, Antibodies Mad Heads, Tartak, Scriabin and others.

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