Technical requirements are not the whim of actors of the theatre, it is a necessity designed to ensure the quality of our performance. So if it impossible to do any requirements of technical rider, please contact organizers with the purpose to solve this kind of issues as soon as possible.


Technical requirements

1) AT LEAST 3,5m height of a ceiling / width of the scene AT LEAST 7 m / Depth of the scene AT LEAST 6 m.

2) The sound is removed from the laptop, which is located on the stage near the projector

3) Monitor line at the time of performance should be outside of the working area.

4) A preparation of the stage takes 2 minutes before and 1-2 minutes after the performance .

5) For the shadow theatre is necessary to start sound-check and training sets for at least two hours before the speech, time - about an hour

6) On the stage should be 2 sockets (total power of consumption must be AT LEAST 0.5 kW)

7) If indoors: Desirable a full darkening. If the open area - the performance is only possible in the evening hours, and without direct sunlight.

In the event of breaching the rider’s conditions theater of shadow’s «Fireflies» can refuse the presentation. Thank you in advance for your professional way of working and cooperating!



Transportation of the actors for over 500 km supposes to be by rail or by plane with the further delivery to the residence.Tickets (forward and backward): 10 -12 second-class seats in one car of the train. Tickets are purchasing either by the customer or the organizers of the theater on the separately allocated money. Transportation of the actors to a distance under 500 km may be by minibus for 18 seats, and preferably with a luggage compartment. Transportation equipment, decorations and participants of the theatre from the residence to place of performance should be carried out by separate minibus.


For actors of the shadow theatre must be booked and paid in advance rooms at a recreation center or in a hotel of class at least «***». All rooms MUST BE HAVING hot and cold water, a bathroom and a balcony. Rooms must be equipped with temperature control (heaters, air conditioners).If possible, the hotel should have a service of using the Internet.Three meals along the day (breakfast, lunch, dinner), or subsistence expenses. The dressing room should include light refreshments, and the following drinks: hot coffee, tea, sparkling water.


The participants of the theatre should be allocated to one or more dressing rooms (with the expectation of 10-12 people) with mirrors, clothing racks and chairs. Dressing room should have lock and a key, which must be given to the participants. For the shadow theatre is necessary to start sound-check and training sets for at least two hours before the speech, time - about an hour. During the speech of the shadow theatre on a stage is not permissible presence of unauthorized persons, expect those whose presence is consistent with the organizers of the theater. Photos and video of presentation only by agreement with the organizers of the theater, in violation of this condition will be accepted penalties.

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