The new collaborations

"Coffee house" and "Bila vezha"

The video for the anniversary of "Coffee House" and mutual clip with the Ukrainian rock band Bila Vezha

On May 24, a new video work for the song "Виростеш ты, сину" was introduced on the official Youtube channel of Ukrainian rock band "Bila Vezha". “Fireflies” participated in its creation. The Musicians of “Bіla Vezha” recorded the song on the verses of the famous Ukrainian poet Vasyl Symonenko, the right to use the verses was received from the granddaughter of the poet, Miroslava. The shadow theatre “Fireflies” worked on the visual component of the clip under the leadership of the group. The main objective of the video for the musicians was to show the basic idea of the verse - the love to Mother and Motherland.

The result of the joint work of the artists can be seen in the video:

Especially for the 20th anniversary of "Coffee House", the team of the shadow theatre “Fireflies” produced the video work in the genre of shadow theatre.

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