the project "Idea X"

The shadow theatre “Fireflies” became the finalist of the project “Idea X”. Annually the Nescafe brand in Ukraine organizes the contest of ideas in three categories – business, creative and social ones. Everyone can publish the thematic ideas on the special website and compete for the budget on their realization.

The team fought for the grand prize to realize their creative ideas - a trip to the talent show «Britain's Got Talent».

After several steps of online voting, “Fireflies” were in Top 3 list in its category and became the participants of the big finale of Idea X, which aired on MTV Ukraine.


The members of the shadow theatre “Fireflies” won the Grand Prix of the festival of youth creativity «Chestnuts are in Blossom Again, 2012” which took place at the beginning of May in Kiev. This competition is a part of the international festival «The Salute of Talents" which is also held in other countries of Europe – Poland, France, Italy, Russia, Finland and others. In 2012 the jury of the competition, choosing among the participants of different creative categories, gave the victory to the representatives of an original genre – to the shadow theatre from Chernigov.

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