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Handle Climate Change Film Festival

"Save the Earth" (based on the eponymous song of Michael Jackson) produced by Shadow Theater "Fireflies" won Excellent Short award at 2015 Handle Climate Change Film Festival (HCCFF) in China.

As Ukrainian sole represantieve at the festival, "Save the Earth" competed with other films from the Iran, Russia, United States, Spain, France and Turkey. The organizer of the film festival received 1245 entries from 93 countries and regions since March; 49 of them are contended for top 10 awards. (Shenzhen Daily)

Best works of the HCCFF will be shown at the UN Climate Change Conference held in Paris in November 2015 in the "Chinese Corner".

Handle Climate Change Film Festival is dedicated to bring together excellent films about environmental protection and climate change and present them in an internationally framework to Chinese audiences. The festival tends to forge links between campaigners, environmental experts, filmmakers and audiences and inspire people to participate in making a better world.

  • Handle Climate Change Film Festival 2015 is the first film festival held in China concerns on climate change. Hosted by Chinese official and academic institutes, HCCFF took place on 19 and 20 September 2015, in Shenzhen, China.

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