Shadow Space

Tours worlwide

Tours of Ukraine and return to China

On March 28 – 30, the shadow theatre ”Fireflies” with its show "Shadow Space" visited the cities in Western Ukraine - Radivilov, Lutsk and Ternopol. The audience received the theatre team warmly with full notice. The actors made a small gift to all who came to the concerts by staging the themed interactive with the audience.


On April, 18 two concerts of the shadow theatre “Fireflies” were held in Chernihiv City Palace of Culture "Chemist". The show "Shadow Space" gathered more than a thousand indifferent to the shadow genre Chernigov spectators.

It is worth mentioning that each of the concerts was attended by the special audiences. The children, assisted by Chernihiv City Public Association of Handicaps "Chance", were invited for the afternoon show, the soldiers of the battalions of Chernihiv, who served in the area of the ATO, were invited for the second concert.

On April 29, a double premiere of Fireflies shadow theatre and symphonic rock band “Lords of the Sound!” was held in ICCC "October Palace".

“Fireflies” first introduced their shadow show "Shadow Space" and the “Lords of the Sound” - a musical based on the novel by Sally Potter "tango" to the citizens of Kiev its guests.

The two parts of the concert were completely different in perception, but it did not spoil the overall impression of the performance and did not make the audience bored. The audience welcomed the artists warmly with thunderous applause, which indicates the success of this kind of creative concert experiment.

On May 17, the shadow theater “Fireflies” showed its "Shadow Space" on the stage of the Kharkiv National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre.

“Fireflies” first visited Kharkiv with full-length shadow show. The audience welcomed not only the shadow performances od “Fireflies”, but was pleasantly surprised with the use of elements in the sand animation show, Neon show and other interesting visual discoveries.


From May 30 to June 16, the shadow theater “Fireflies” showed the program "Shadow Space" in six Chinese cities.Also, on June 1, the shadow theatre “Fireflies” visited a boarding school for disabled children in the Chinese city of Quanzhou to mark the International Children's Day.

This boarding school takes care of children with different disabilities.The team of the theatre was happy to share its creativity with the pupils of the school, spent time with them and made a donation for the development of the pension.

The premiere in Bulgaria

On April, 4 the shadow theater “Fireflies” first visited Bulgaria with the show. The premiere was held at the National Palace of Culture in Sofia and successfully brought together an audience of more than a thousand people.

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