Huzhou and Ningbo

Shadow Theater Fireflies in Huzhou and Ningbo

  • Huzhou

    14th of November shadow theater Fireflies presented his shadow show "Shadow Space" to viewers from Chinese city Huzhou. Old Town Nanxun, Park Feiying, a large Ferris wheel - the few places that this city is famous for. The audience warmly received performance of Ukrainian artists and children had fun taking pictures with acrobats of shadow theatre Fireflies.

  • Ningbo

    Despite the rainy weather, the city of Ningbo met the show "Shadow Space" from Ukrainian shadow theater Fireflies cordially. Since show was present predominantly young audience, this made it even more special and has added positive emotions and energy of the shadow theatre team. Fireflies actors managed to stay in Ningbo for a few days, see interesting places, and to appreciate its originality.

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