Techfest, IIT Bombay

28th of December, IIT Bombay, Techfest, Technoholix #2 - it's all about the very first performance of Shadow Theatre Fireflies in India!

Technoholix, the night segment of the festival features professional shows from the biggest names in entertainment from around the world. Technoholix acts as a perfect opportunity for an audience of 10,000 to rejuvenate by bringing forth a perfect blend of science, technology and entertainment. It has hosted magic, pyrotechnics, laser shows, acrobatics to even virtual 3D holographic displays and many other different forms. The Double Dutch Force that graced the stage of Athens Olympics subsequently performed here at Techfest. The stage has even played host to the parkour team from the sets of Casino Royale. Tony Chapek, an interactive illusionist from the States; The Pa-li-Tchi fire dancers and pyrotechnicians from Czech Republic; the Copenhagen Drummers; Pep Bou, a renowned bubble artist from Spain are among the few that have graced the stage at IIT Bombay. In 2014, Cait Lin (Performer at FIFA World Cup ), Tararam (Performer at Athens Olympics ). Technoholix 2015 featured artist groups such as 1st Project (Percussionists from South Africa, Winners of World Music Awards), Flowmotion Dance Company (Austria), Khawater AlDalam (Saudi Arabia Winners of Arab's Got Talent).


Shadow Theatre "Fireflies" on Technoholix #2 (Techfest, IIT Bombay)

Techfest is entirely managed by students of IIT Bombay with a three-tier team structure. The core committee consists of 23 members comprising of 1 Overall Coordinator at the helm and 22 Managers. Techfest is a true believer in the concept of a team of equals. Every brickbat is shared equally by the team as is in every bouquet. Although every aspect of Techfest is no closer to one manager than the other but, for smooth functioning, certain portfolios are allotted to every manager.

The portfolios can be broadly categorised into two sections - administration and events. The administrative portfolios primarily include tasks like accounts, infrastructure, media and marketing, hospitality and publicity. The events portfolios include responsibility for each of the numerous happenings and initiatives taken by Techfest each year. A team of over 800 Coordinators and Organisers along with their respective managers work in sync to execute and implement the splendid spectacle called Techfest.

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